Diamond Neil - Play Me

Аккорды Diamond Neil — Play Me


She was morning and I was nighttime 
I one day woke up to find her lying 
   G                                 D
Beside my bed.  I softly said, "Come take me. 
For I've been lonely, in need of someone 
As though I'd done someone wrong somewhere 
       G                                          D
But I don't know where.   I don't know where come lately." 
  G               A                G                 A7          
You are the sun, I am the moon.  You are the words, I am the tune,  
Play me. 
(2x at end) 
D  D7  G  Dsus  Em  D   

Song she sang to me, song she brang to me 
Words that rang in me, Rhyme that sprang from me 
 G                                       D
Warmed the night.   And what was right became me. 
So it was that I came to travel upon a road that 
was thorned and narrow 
  G                                 D
Another place, another grace would save me...