Doors - The People Are Strange

Аккорды Doors — The People Are Strange


 INTRO    Gm ->    Gm ->       Gm ->      Gm
B|-----|o-------------1---------1---------------o|between the
C|-----|-------0----2---2-0---2---2-0------------|repeat bar
C|-----|----2----2----------2---------2---4------|and that?s the
G|2-0--|o-----2-------------------------2---2---o|verse thing.
G|----3|--0-----------------------------------0--|the lyrics and

Gm           Gm         Gm
People are strange When you?re a stranger
Gm       Gm   Gm
Faces look ugly When you?re alone

(End riff, then start it over on "Women")

Gm             Gm          Gm
Women seem wicked when you?re unwanted
Gm        Gm       Gm
Streets are uneven when you?re down

Gm            C                B
When you?re strange faces come out in the rain
            C                B
When you?re strange no one remembers your name
            B              B
when you?re strange   when you?re strange
            B  (Тут заново надо начать играть INTRO)
when you?re strange   All right yeah